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High-performance pool salt without impurities and impurities. Using a special device known as " salinizer is a natural chlorine produced from the salt on the basis of electrolysis, which effectively disinfects pool water.

Advantages of pool pool use:
-Elimination of bacteria, viruses and algae.
-The water thus treated is crystal clear and does not irritate the skin or eyes.
-Slightly salty water in the pool has proven healing effects on the skin.

Way of use:

The pool salt is suitable for all types of our soccer pools, provided the salon is used.
Before using the salt in the pool first, dissolve it in a separate container with water. Then dilute the salt solution down the pool and let it work.
The optimum salt concentration in the pool ranges from 2.5kg - 4.5kg to 1m? of water. The particular ratio is determined primarily by the type of salon used to disinfect the pool water. In this case, always follow the instructions for your salon.
At the beginning of the swimming season, it is advisable to use 25 kg of pool salt to 5-8 m? of pool water. At a time when the salt condition drops below the optimal concentration, salinity production is reduced. In this case it is appropriate to supplement the salt.