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Eko program

Containers are made from GRP. All polyester materias are from USA company Reichhold, with in this area belongs to world-peak. For production containers for plast and paper we using fire retardand and chemical resistant polyester, which is resistant in the face of weather conditions too.

Coat is with high glance, UV - stabil and long time keep his colour shade. Colour of container we can realize in accordance with consumer. In coat of container is possibility integrate various notices, emblems and all that jazz and becomes adhesive.

All metal parts are protected by zincing. Containers is possible couple to set or use as individual object.

Containers are in sizes:

  • 1,232 m3
  • 1,8 m3
  • 2,5 m3
  • 3,2 m3

Lifetime in the practice is more than three times longer than about containers of metal.

Scrap collecting options is in different combinations, in accordance with consumer wishes. /glass, glass-paper-plastic, plastic-paper, glas-paper, …/ Advantage is possibility realise till three commoditys in one container.